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Add some fluff and sparkle to your tastebuds
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What is Elixirs on Tap?

We have been perfecting and offering a special selection of novel non-alcoholic beverages for your body and senses.

These beverages are presented in a unique form never before experienced, served cold and infused with 100% pure nitrogen gas. Unless otherwise noted, the beverages contain simple and pure, ceremonial grade ingredients, organic and ethically sourced, with no sweeteners or fillers.

Nitro gives these beverages a creamy mouth feel and a luscious foam- filling your mouth with a soft velvety sensation eliciting a sensual decadence as if you were drinking a marshmallow, but not as sweet.

The carbonated beverages taste like soda- fun, sparkling and bubbly. While the presentation m
ay seem familiar, the ingredients are not.

Come enjoy this offering at an event or in a store near you!
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Beverage Offerings

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Elixirs on Tap is available for collaborations of many flavors Including:

Wholesale Kegs

Elixirs on Tap at your Venue

Elixirs on Tap at your Bar

Private or Public Evening Events

day long events and Parties

weekend event & Festivals

& beyond. 

Thanks for reaching out, we will get back to you soon!

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